Late September update.

2 words only.


…Bored & Uninspired…

Okay, its been a damn long while since i last promised to update my fucking blog. Hell yeah, i’m updating this now. In camp. How FUN~ Gawd, slowly counting down the days til book out and of course slowly and surely the training are gettin’ tougher and tougher. Shit,  life’s a total crap. I’m so not enjoying life currently.

Hmm, The title says it all, im brain-dead. Slightly paranoid and constantly high for some weird reason. Well, on the bright side, i passed my 10km run with a 53.29 mins timing. =] Whoo-pie!!

After graduating from BSLC and now in ASLC a lot has change, the environment, the people in bunk. Some mates who has so much passion and burning flame during “B”, has slowly starting to lose it in “A”. I’m really am saddened by this, ‘cos, hey! who would want to see a frenn whom you’ve gotten to known for a few months just get out of course? Like not for me. I’m so trying my best to get through this hell and get my rank and slack life away hopefully.

Personal life has been ups and downs, but honestly, it’s been great as well, i miss clubbing. I miss drinking. I miss my gfs!! Sigh~ Life’s a shit. Period!

Dissapearance & Re-Entry

I know it has been a long while since  this darn blog of mine has been updated  by me!! loL~
It’s been really hard trying to update my blog cos’ I feel un-inspired and so-very-shagged!
Outfield for training has been really draining most of my energy and always making me feel lethargic that by the time I reached home, all I wanna do is rest, slack, and put my mind to rest.
With that, i kinda “dissapeared” from  my blog. Continue reading

Results Out!!

SO, Posting results are finally out.
I’m going to SISPEC!!
Finally, my anxiety and anxious-ness of the results are being paid off.
I’ll definitely try my best to compplete the whole 6 mnths!!
Cool Shit larh!
Imy’s so stoked! =]

Thus, that’s all.
A very short post!
Damn tired, and lots of stuffs to pack!!!


Chalet & Gf meeting!

It’s alrdy 3.55am as i’m writing this post.
At the Costa Sands Resort Chalet in Sentosa. My babe, Atika, decided to throw her bf a surprise birthday party. Really, it was awesome to see her again after such a long time!!
Gawd! I miss her lots!
Seeing her just made my day (Night to be exact)!
The surprise went pretty well, and the cake (CHOCOLATE CAKE!!!) was delish!
Well, spend the night eating and of course drinking…Her bf, gt seriously drunk!
Honestly, to be the only gay guy around other str8 dudes is really, umm, an interesing thing!! Haha.. to be able to ogle at them and i swear one of them is f*cking HAWT!!!
would love to play “Love Games” with him!
While typing this, ATika’s bf is snoring out loud, which is very irritating! So, most prolly we’ll be heading down to the beach later, for some sun, sand and the sea. Can’t wait!!

On another note, went out with Narisa recently! Went to town and walked around window-shopping. We watched  “Push” which was a really interesting movie despite not being original. Chris Evans just exudes sexy-ness!! Both me and her love the movie! After movies we went to Peninsular Shopping Center where i bought my new hat (I think it’s f*cking gorgeous, fyi).

Hmm, its getting petty late and im still not sleepy yet. Narisa saw the way i dressed up today and she said i’m “Gayishly Hawt”!!! I sooo love that term! =]
Thanks Babe!!!
Love ya lots!!!

An Early Morning Writing….

So, i’m like booking in later at 3.25pm.
Early book in seriously sucks!!!!!

10 more days to POP!!!
I’me so psyched about it!
Well, this week will be pretty much slack and interesting to say.
Recruits night on Monday, Games day on Tuesday, Platoon Night on Thursday, Book Out on Friday!!!

I’m seriously bored.
I need my liqour and my partying!
This Saturday definitely. =]

Nothing much from me.



Latest News!

Finally, I got time to update my blog!!!! =]
To those who do not know, i’m serving my time in the army now. So that explains my absence from here!
So how am I adapting to life in the army?
Pretty well, honestly. I’m getting fitter, cleared my field camp which was a really interesting experience.
Sleeping  the jungle wasn’t that bad. LMAO!
Really got close to the wild side, grasshopper, praing mantis, wild boar!! They’re really cute, no kidding! Hehe.

Finally, i get 4.5 days of rest! Im enjoying it LOTS!
Maybe just maybe i’m gonna party at St James, for the CNY party. Gonna be great i guess.

That aside, my life has been doing great. I’m loving every moment of it.
Failed my 2nd IPPT due to chin up (as always). I managed to pull only 3. It sucks. but hey good news i improved all my other stations. =]

Shuttle Run : 9.7secs
SBJ: 224cm
Sit Up: 46
2.4km: 11mins 26secs.

Im happy with the gradual improvement. I’m sure by the next IPPT, i’ll get to pull more than 6 chin up at least 8 for me. =] Work Hard then Imy!

Well, i think that’s all with this update!
Love ya peepz!!